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Geoscience Innovations For Resource Management
Socio- Economic Challenges In An Environmentally Constrained World
March 18-20, 2023 in Hammamet, Tunisia
March 18-20, 2023


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Geoscience innovations for resource management: socio-
economic challenges in an environmentally constrained world 


Planet earth has witnessed continuous natural changes, and since the agricultural and industrial revolutions, it has been undergoing anthropogenic changes. The global economic crisis over the years and the one related to the Covid pandemic have shown the need to take serious measures to preserve the earth and its resources to recover from economic crises. Geosciences that are at the confluence of the economy and the social progress of humanity could bring understanding and solutions to overcome these challenges.

Since the development and progress of our countries is the responsibility of all scientists, called upon to focus on the good management and valorization of all the resources offered by our planet to ensure the sustainable development of our countries “without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Mrs Gro Harlem Brundtland, Norwegian Prime Minister (1987)).

Take the example of water, the source of all life. The world is facing the big challenge of water scarcity, especially in arid and semi-arid countries. The water exploration, the valorization and the good management of this natural wealth require the good attention of scientists.

Energy is the locomotive that propels humanity towards a better future. The energy autonomy of any country spares its heavy socio-economic burdens. The production of energy in its renewable and non-renewable forms has become a vital need today. The energy transition become an important socio-economic challenge.

Several other branches of geosciences are closely related to sustainable development. For example but not limited to, we mention the environment, the mining industry, the geological and paleoecological heritage, etc.

All these fields of geosciences and many others must attract the attention, not only of specialists but of all those who wish to see the prosperity and development of their nations.

In this context, we launched the 4th edition of Atlas Georesources International Congress to highlight the impact of geosciences on sustainable development. The conference will cover many aspects related to Georesources Sustainable Management grouped in seven main topics.


The registration fees includes hotel accommodation, access to all sessions, conference kit, participation certificate, access to keynote talks, coffee breaks and meals.

* Accommodation is intended for a double room shared by two persons during the conference days. For a Single room a supplement of 50 TND (for Tunisian) and 25 Euro (for non-Tunisian) is to add to the total fee.

*One extra night fee is 150 TND (for Tunisian) and 70 Euro (for non-Tunisian)

*A supplement of 150 TND (for Tunisian) and 70 Euro (for non-Tunisian) is to pay for each person accompanying the participant in a double room

Payment Methods :

- In cash on site during the opening of the AGIC2023

- By bank transfer/purchase order :  

Payment for the benefit of:

Tunisian Association of Georesources (ATGr),

Bank: Postal Checking Center,

Code IBAN : TN 59  1700 2000 0002 9314 9469.


Tax number : 1643074/B

Postal Bank Address: Soliman, Tunisia, postal code : 8020

PS: Please send a scan of the payment document by bank transfer to the e-mail:



Scientific Committee


Abdelaziz Mridakh, ITU (Morocco)

Abdelkrim Charef, CERTE (Tunisia)

Abdessatar Hatira, FSB (Tunisia)

Abou Chabaka Jaafar, UIT (Morocco)

Ahmed Al Ghrabi, CERTE (Tunisia)

Ahmed Ezzine, CNCT (Tunisia)

Ahmed Debbez, CBBC (Tunisia)

Ahmed Salem Mohamed, ISMMZ (Mauritania)

Amara Masrouhi, KAU (KSA)

Amina Mabrouk El Asmi, FST (Tunisia)

Ammar Mlayah, CERTE (Tunisia)

Anis Chkirbane, INAT (Tunisia)

Apostolos Sarris, Cyprus Univ (Greece)

Athos Agapiou, EOCULT (Greece)

Atika Fahmi, UIT (Morocco)

Azzab Driss, USMBA (Morocco)

Badia Choulli, CERTE (Tunisia)

Belgacem Agoubi, ISSTEG (Tunisia)

Bellahmar Jabib, (Morocco)

Bruno Vendeville, LOG Univ Lille (France)

Chao Jamal, UIT (Morocco)

Chokri Jallouli, KSU (KSA)

Christian Leduc, IRD (France)

Claude Hammecker, LISAH-IRD (France)

Dabounou Jaouad, UH1 (Morocco)

Faisal AlQahtani, GHRC KAU (KSA)

Fakher Jamoussi, CERTE (Tunisia)

Faten Horriche, CERTE (Tunisia)

Fatma Trabelsi Bouchendira, ESIM (Tunisia)

Fadoua Hamzaoui Azaza, FST (Tunisia)

Fayçel Rejiba, URN (France)

Fekri Kamoun, FSS (Tunisia)

Ferid Dhahri, FSG (Tunisia)

Fetheddine Melki, FST (Tunisia)

Fethi Lachaal, CERTE (Tunisia)

Feyda Srarfi, FST (Tunisia)

Gaghik Hovhannissian, IRD (France)

Habib Abida, FSS (Tunisia)

Hakim Gabtni, CERTE (Tunisia)

Hayet Chihi, CERTE (Tunisia)

Haykel Sallami, CERTE (Tunisia)

Hinde Cherkaoui Dekkaki, UAE (Morocco)

Houcem Mzali, CERTE (Tunisia)

Eduardo Silva, UA (Portugal)

Emna Fakhfkah, CERTE (Tunisia)

Jose Joel Carrillo Rivera, UNA (Mexico)

Juan José Gómez Alday, UCM (Spain)

Kevin L. Mickus, M S Unv (USA)

Kili Malika, UIT (Morocco)

Joanna Doummar, AUB (Lebanon)

Lamali Atmane, CRAAG (Algeria)

Lassaad Dassi, ISBS (Tunisia)

Mabrouk Boughdiri, FSB (Tunisia)

Mahmoud Bali, ISSTEG (Tunisia)

Majdi Hazami, CERTEn (Tunisia)

Mansouri Bouabid, UIT (Morocco)

Maurizio Fedi, UNINA (Italy)

Mohamed Arab, Sonatrach (Algeria)

Mohamed El-Ghali, SQU (Oman)

Mohamed Soussi, FST (Tunisia)

Moncef Gueddari, FST (Tunisia)

Moncef Saidi, ETAP (Tunisia)

Mounir Jerry, FEG Kenitra (Morocco)

Mounira Zammouri, FST (Tunisia)

Mourad Bedir, CERTE (Tunisia)

Mourad Zaied, ENIG (Tunisia)

Mustapha Boualoul, UMI (Morocco)

Nabil Khelifi, Edt Springer (Germany)

Nasos Argyriou, Cyprus Univ (Greece)

Narjess El Euch-El Koundi, FST (Tunisia) 

Nikos Papadopoulos, IMS-FORTH (Greece)

Noureddine Hajjaji, ENIG (Tunisia)

Nuno Durães, UA(Portugal)

Noureddine Hamdi, ISSTEG (Tunisia)

Ökmen Sümer  DEU (Turkey)

Olivier Grunberger, LISAH-IRD (France)

Pierre Keating, Ind Consultant (Canada)

Pierre Rochette, CEREGE (France)

Rachid Boukchina, ISSTEG  (Tunisia)

Rachida Bouhlila, ENIT (Tunisia)

Raja Chairi, CERTE (Tunisia)

Ramadan Eljadi, Tripoli Univ (Lybia)

Riadh Ahmadi, ENIS (Tunisia)

Rihab Gallala, CERTE (Tunisia)

Salah Mahmoudi, FSG (Tunisia)

Salem Bouri, FST (Tunisia)

Salwa Saidi, FST (Tunisia)

Sami Khomsi, KAU (KSA)

Sami Kooli, CERTEn (Tunisia)

Samia Khadhar, CERTE (Tunisia)

Sihem Benabdallah, CERTE (Tunisia)

Taher Zouaghi, KAU (KSA)

Talal Al-Hosni, SQU (Oman)

Yahaya Nazoumou, UAM (Nigeria)

Zouhour Khila, ENIG (Tunisia)

Organizing Committee

Mourad El Koundi, EABA (Tunisia)

Faten Jarraya-Horriche, CERTE (Tunisia)

Hakim Gabtni, CERTE (Tunisia)

Ammar Malayh, CERTE (Tunisia)

Henda Jelassi, CERTE (Tunisia)

Hajer Azaeiz, CERTE (Tunisia)

Wafa Talhaoui, CNCT (Tunisia)

Yosr Askri, CNCT (Tunisia)

Raja Chairi, CERTE (Tunisia)

Rachida Talbi, CERTE (Tunisia)

Hayet Chihi, CERTE (Tunisia)

Narjess El Euch-El Koundi, FST (Tunisia) 

Sameh Chargui, CERTE (Tunisia)

Mohamed amine Rhayem, CNCT (Tunisia) 

Amor Ben Moussa, ISSTE (Tunisia)

Nabiha Naili, CERTEn (Tunisia)

Hosni Trabelsi, CNCT (Tunisia)

Ghada Chibani, CERTEn (Tunisia)

Ines Cherif, CBBC (Tunisia)

Fatma Rabii, ISTEUB (Tunisia)

Kalthoum Hafsa, CERTE (Tunisia)

Hazar Mosbahi, ISSTEG (Tunisia)

Oussama Kortas, CERTE (Tunisia)

Emna Abouda, FSEGT (Tunisia)

Sana Ayari, CERTE (Tunisia)

Nesrine Ghouili, CERTE (Tunisia)

Nouha Khiari, CERTE (Tunisia)

Nadia Khalil, CERTE (Tunisia)

Nadhir Sbaai, LOG Univ Lille (France)

Farah Khzami, CERTE (Tunisia)

Amira Rjiba, CERTE/FST (Tunisia)

Ali Souei, CERTE (Tunisia)

Nermine Ghazouani, CERTE (Tunisia)

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